How it works?

If you would like to use our services, you need to follow the six steps below:

  1. Register on our website:
  2. Buy and install an Android display device at your POP
  3. Download and setup our iBeer app to your Android device
  4. Login into our app with your user name and password and device will be connected immediately to your account in our system, so you can manage contents on it
  5. Upload your ads to our website
  6. And set a schedule of playlist with selection of ads and set devices, which ads will be played on.

And that is all, will not take more than 15 minutes. Our app will download selected advertisements onto your player device automatically and start to play them by formerly set time schedule.

  • Join free and try our services for 30 days
  • One month subscription is USD 10/device
  • 12 months subscription is USD 100/device