Our Vision

D isplays are already surrounding us and their numbers are growing rapidly. These arrangements will inform us about many things in a very personalized way. They will show us where the next bus stop is, who will be the next guest in our favorite TV show or where to buy bred in a very late evening. We know, only those companies will succeed in this field of marketing who can manage and target contents on these displays most efficiently. Start now, and gain advantage over your competitors.
iBeer will be an influential worldwide provider of digital signage services with its innovative solutions and affordable pricing in the future. iBeer makes you able to manage contents on your displays efficiently based on cumulative data from our users. iBeer will be focusing on boosting efficiency via right content management with continuous feedback of conversions, automatic content management based on changing variables, sharing best practices and the most productive contents. We are sure iBeer will be the best choice for the most competent content management on digital signage.

Our Mission

Equalizing the digital signage market. Making digital signage services affordable for everyone.
We grew a revolutionary easy way to build up and manage your own digital signage with utmost efficiency. We developed a user friendly interface to schedule your contents remotely on your own digital signage and the service is yet affordable to use. All you need is an Android player device (Android TV stick or media box, Android TV or Android tablet), a display and an internet browser to set the schedule for your media content playlist. If you have a flat screen at your POP you are looking at USD 30/device if not, the whole investment can remain below 1000 USD/display. And the monthly fee of our services will stay below 10 USD/device/month. And you can have your own digital signage right in front of your customers just before the choice of brands.

We love data. We want to know, which ads are working and which performing under. We do not want you to waste more money on unnecessary and inefficient advertisements.
We offer special sensors to measure the conversion of your ads in activity. But we also offer an open-source solution, to develop your own sensors for measuring efficiency. If you can’t find the right type of sensor to measure the effect of your special advertisements? No problem. You can use another one, which fits the best to your system, and our system is able to receive your data and analyze connection to your advertisements.

iBeer founts – complex measurement of marketing efficiency

Our pilot application for complex conversion measurement is a beer fount. This fount is equipped with an 8’ tablet, which can play remotely scheduled advertisements directly at the bar. And several sensors are built into this fount as well, which can measure the volume sold through the tap, from the temperature to the pressure of the system, which can effect to sales volume as well. You can analyze the performance of advertisements played on your iBeer fount directly with volume sold. Each ad is specific to all sorts of pubs. Sport related ads can work in a sports bar, but not at the theaters. Our founts can be remotely managed by segments or individual level even can be adjusted according to time of day. You can advertise your beer to lunch with Messi in a sport bar around noon, and the same beer with the Muse at a music bar in the evenings. The choice is yours. Our system is able to gather information from open-source databases like Accuweather or Eventbright. Based on their inputs we can make corrections in evaluation of efficiency measurement. The perfect system can automatically react to changes of significant variables. Why advertise your terrace in snowing or your hot drinks in summer. Our next goal is to implement these variables into our system so the content played can be changed automatically depending on different circumstances.